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 Link To Storybook: Portfolio: Strange Stories from a Strange Town 

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Dark Ocean

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  1. Hi Grayce!
    I really like the look of your website. I can tell that the stories are going to be more eerie so I think the look of your page fits that. I like the darker blue color along with the picture on the home page because I think that it fits the theme of the stories you are going to be writing. I think your first story has lots of imagery which is great. I found myself reading the story and imagining what Markus was going through. I think imagery is a great tool to be able to incorporate in your writing. I also really enjoyed reading the end of the story and how she told him not to look at the closet yet he still did and then he got consequences for doing that be being eaten.

  2. Hi Grayce!

    First of all, I really loved the design of your website. It's a little bit spooky and scary, and perfectly sets the scene for your stories! I read your first story this week and absolutely adored it! Markus is such a perfect character, everything he does makes sense. I also really loved the description that you gave to Gladis. It made her really easy to picture as I imagined what she was doing and the way she attacked Markus. I don't know if you've watched Avatar the Last Airbender, but she reminded me a lot of the water bender/blood bender that they visit in season 3! The only comment I would give is that I wish there was a little bit more about Markus's motivation for entering the woods. We know he wants to prove the townspeople wrong, but I think making the aspect of the bet with his friends a little clearer would help us understand his incentives a bit more. That being said, it's a great story and I'm very excited to read more of what you write!

  3. Hi Grayce!

    First off, your portfolio looks great--spooky and scary--perfect for Halloween! I do have a question: what is the “strange town” that these stories are from? Not a truly serious question, but I was just curious about the title, ha ha. Anyway, I loved your modern retelling of the story. It reminded me of scary/horror movies we see today and how the main characters do the exact opposite of what they should be doing to avoid their doomed fate. It was great storytelling and I enjoyed reading it from start to finish. There was a good balance of Markus’ narration and dialogue between him and Gladis, too. The only thing I noticed was just a minor punctuation error: “Please, let me go!”, he begged the goblin.” I don’t think you need the comma here since there is already an exclamation point. Besides that, I think your first story is creepy and great. I can’t wait to read more spooky stories!

  4. Hi Grayce! Perfect timing for October and Halloween! To start, the layout of your blog really set the tone for the stories really well, I definitely get an eerie feeling from it! I also really like your writing style, I think your story flowed really well and you also use dialogue and descriptors really well? I don't know if that's the exact wording I'm looking for but I could definitely learn from your writing! All for the sake of a good story but Markus is dumb bro he really saw an old lady walking around in freaky funky forest and went yes - this is the woman I am going to entrust with my life. I really liked the ending though! I've always found it really stressful to write a good ending to a story that has built up so much suspense, but you did it so well! I will definitely come back to read more of your stories later, great job!


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